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Micro-Grants for Womyn, the Arts, and Earth Regeneration

start the journey to moonifesting your vision...

Moonifest is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that accepts and distributes social and financial micro-grants to support earth-enhancing innovations and projects for Gaian thriving. We offer two funding cycles per year (due February 2nd and August 2nd) dedicated to nurturing projects of change and unfurling that support Earth regeneration. Our three categories of funding include Womyn, The Arts, and Earth Regeneration. Extra credit for your creative ideas that span multiple categories...Check out our portfolio of funded grants.

We are looking forward to funding up to 13 grant units in our next round of funding.


Additionally, we are starting a service grant program where applicants can apply for donated services such as grant or enterprise plan writing and facilitation support. What skills do you have to share? Please contact us with your creative ideas!


We support and fund positive social viruses, projects of activation and awakening that leverage local good for global regeneration. In what creative way can you use the patterns of nature to enhance Earth vitality,

generativity, frolicking, and lushness? Share your brilliant ideas and help us moonifest Earth liveliness!


Grant Overview

There are five main phases: Grant preparation, Grant submittal, Review period, Grant awards, and Recipient Reporting. We have created simple, direct means for you to apply for micro-grants. You select the number of $130 grant units you'd like to apply for. There are up to 13 micro-grants available per cycle. Grant applications are due February 2nd or August 2nd of each year. Notifications are sent within two moons of these dates. Brief reports of 1-2 pages with pictures and success stories are due six moons after Grant award notification date.


Grant applications require two letters of enthusiasm from co-conspirators or supporters, a one-page description of the idea or project you'd like funded, and any other materials you'd like to offer. Scan your hand-drawn pictures and scribbles, send us links and context or past examples of your work. Inspire and delight us! Please print or download an informational brochure with application questions and share the opportunity with your friends and networks...


Donations are directed to grantees. Two kinds of donations are welcomed. Financial donations are welcome via Paypal or by check sent to us -Moonifest, Post Office Box 55995, Portland, Oregon 97238. Additionally, we are looking for project coaches who can donate vital services such as grant writing, skills-building, project planning, social media support to our grantees. Contact us with your talents and interest via the form below.


about mOONIFEST.

Gaia Sophia - Partners in Earth Shealing

The Earth is an emergent whole system with profound intelligence and actualization for self-regeneration. We are nurturers of the inner wisdom of Earth healing already underway. Earth is known as Gaia; Sophia represents wisdom. We are activated catalysts for regeneration. We are also catalysts for awakening more catalysts. We are part of the stream of life. The arts are an activating, Earth-enhancing modality. Womyn have a vital role in the unfurling Earth regeneration. We support the activating matrix of Gaian life.


Core Wisdom

Revolving at the center of earth is the galactic fire from the first expansion. The insight, patterns, processes, knowledge, wisdom, creativity, and generativity of our universe's birth burns within us. Our universe's birth burns within us.


Amply Resourced

Relying on the sacred wisdom of creation, billions of years of earth evolution, millions of years of tectonic gyres, the unfolding complexity and biological ecstasy of speciation, over 40,000 years of emerging human culture, and wisdom from coevolution with all Earth life, we are amply resourced. We look forward to sharing and activating the ample resources of Earth Wisdom, GaiaSophia, through the work of Moonifest, our micro-grant programs, and participation with the effortless, spacious, generous catalyzing activities of Moonifesters galactically. So far, we have been able to offer more than $13,000 in grants to women's art, wisdom, and earth regeneration projects. With your help, more is possible to regenerate Gaian thriving.

2018 Suppressed Histories Archives
2016 Lili and Earth Soul Collage
2013 Weaving Webs of Women's Wisdom
2013 Able Farms Solar for Chickens
2013 Vanessa Web Singdancing
2013  Boucher Writing Kuanyin
2014 Women Weaving Worlds / Mujeres
2015 Max Dashu - Witches & Pagans
2010 Yo! Women's Self Defense
2015 Soft Self Queer Art Residency
2013+ 14 Pampi Performance Design
Apply for Moonifest Micro-Grants


moonifesting @ gmail DOT com

Post Office Box 55995    Portland, Oregon  97238  Pacific Cascadia  US

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Moonifest is a federally tax-exempt charitable nonprofit organization. Your generous donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. We will be happy to provide you with a receipt for your donation. You can donate online here or via check to Moonifest PO Box 55995, Portland, Oregon 97238.

Thank you for supporting Gaian thriving, future arts,  and earth regeneration!

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